Two-factor code input


Create a 4-digit security code input that allows you to enter a two-factor authorization code. It should resemble the screenshot below:

Implement a form submission handler that calls a submitCode(code) function with the 4 digits as a concatenated string. Implement a submitCode function that validates the code given against a hardcoded 4-digit string.

The inputs should be as usable as possible, specifically:

  1. Each field should allow only one digit between 0-9. Any other input should be rejected
  2. Entering a number in a field should advance the cursor to the next field, except in the case of the last field
  3. Pressing backspace at the beginning of a field (whether that field is populated or not) should focus the previous field and delete the input inside
  4. Very basic styling guidance:
    1. Inputs should be positioned next to one another
    2. Inputs should be roughly rectangular as pictured
    3. Submit button should be positioned below


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