FAQ component

30 minutes


Create a re-usable "Frequently Asked Questions" component

It should receive an array of question/answer objects, e.g.

    question: "How many bones does a cat have?",
    answer: "A cat has 230 bones - 6 more than a human",
    question: "How much do cats sleep?",
    answer: "The average cat sleeps 12-16 hours per day",
    question: "How long do cats live",
    answer: "Outdoor cats live 5 years on average. Indoor\ncats live 15 years on average.",

These should be rendered in the FAQ component, where clicking any question reveals the answer, and clicking again will hide it.


  • The FAQ component should receive the list of questions in the JS object format above
  • Every question from the object should be displayed, with an adjacent chevron as in the mockup
  • Clicking any question should reveal the answer
  • Clicking a question again should hide the answer
  • The first answer should be revealed by default

Submitting solutions

  1. Create a solution by forking one of our CodePen templates:
  2. Submit your solution here


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