Multi-step form

60 minutes


Your PM has asked you to create the most annoying signup form in the world: a form that has 4 fields but on a series of 4 different screens. Your name, email, date of birth, and password will be entered separately into the site:

The specs are as follows:

  1. Back links appear on every screen other than the first one, going back to the step the user was just on
  2. Input is required on every screen prior to proceeding to the next.
  3. On the last screen, provide a submit button that calls a handleSubmit({ name: ..., email: ..., password: ... }) function passing in the values of all the fields
  4. Show a success screen

Submitting solutions

  1. Create a solution by forking one of our CodePen templates:
  2. Submit your solution here


Additional challenges

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