Word games

90 minutes


Wordle is an amazing word game and you should play it right now!

The premise is simple: every day there's a new five-letter secret word, and the user has to guess it. They have six tries, and with every try they get some feedback on each letter of the submitted word:

  • If the letter is present in the word, it will be highlighted yellow
  • If the letter is present in the word AND in the correct position, it will be highlighted green
  • If the letter is not present in the word, it will be greyed out

The user wins if they correctly guess the word within six tries.

You'll be implementing a basic version of the original Wordle game, with the following requirements:

  • User can enter guesses via the input
  • User can submit a guess by pressing ENTER while focused on the input
  • User receives feedback on a guess in the form of highlighted letters (see description above)
  • User should see how many guesses they have remaining
  • If the user correctly guesses within six tries, user should receive a success message: "You correctly guessed the word in N tries!"
  • If the user does not correctly guess within six tries, user should be informed what the word was: "The word was '______'"
  • Repeat letters in both the word and guess should be handled correctly
  • Submissions with repeat letters should provide valid feedback (e.g. daily word='baring', submitted word='abbey', the 'a' and the first 'b' should be highlighted yellow)

API endpoints

Get the word of the day

Check if a word is in the 5-letter word dicrionary

Submitting solutions

  1. Create a solution by forking one of our CodePen templates:
  2. Submit your solution here


Additional challenges

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